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Please tell us about your sales performance


Since our founding in April 2023, we have successfully delivered products to a major semiconductor manufacturer in the first six months, with plans for over ten more deliveries in the near future.

Our customers span various industries, including automotive, semiconductor, printing, agricultural machinery, aerospace, machine tools, general contractors, and overseas companies. We have received significant interest from companies with manufacturing facilities that are actively promoting automation.


Please provide information on the durability and maintenance of the hardware (HW)


TriOrb BASE excels in durability and maintenance. It consists only of consumable items such as balls and belts. The balls, made of urethane material (similar to that used in roller coasters), exhibit very high durability. Additionally, with a simple structure and a low number of parts using commonly available components, maintenance is straightforward.


What measures are taken in case of malfunctions or damage?


As an initial response, we will use phone calls or remote communication to confirm the cause and situation. If the issue cannot be resolved in the initial response, please send the actual equipment to us for further diagnosis. We will then provide a cost estimate for the repair. Repair costs, excluding initial defects, are the responsibility of the customer.
Please note that depending on the availability of parts, it may take approximately one month.


Is it possible to integrate with our in-house upper systems (WMS, MES, etc.) in the manufacturing facility?


On our own, we provide services limited to the hardware (TriOrb BASE) and the realm of autonomous movement software. If you wish to integrate with your in-house system development or combine with your robots, we can collaborate with partner trading companies or system integrators (SIers) to make proposals. Please start by contacting us through the inquiry form, sharing your challenges and needs.


For inquiries or consultations, please contact us via the information provided below.
We will contact you at a later date. Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiries or consultations.