Autonomous mobility software set released

In December 2023, we released a new set of autonomous mobility software to take advantage of the functions of our self-developed omnidirectional mobility platform “TriOrb BASE.”

Until now, our primary target has been users specialized in omnidirectional movement mechanisms. However, with this new set of autonomous movement software, even users who were not familiar with omnidirectional movement mechanisms can now easily and quickly engage in development using autonomous movement platforms. TriOrb’s autonomous movement software set is developed in-house, allowing us to offer a one-stop solution, including customization.

About the Autonomous Mobility Software Set (Released in December 2023)

【Image】From left to right: VISUAL SLAM, Path Planing, Safety Control

Using our self-developed Visual SLAM technology, the robot accurately recognizes its surroundings and constructs an environmental map. By using five cameras in four directions, the accuracy of position estimation is significantly improved, enabling precise positioning with less than 1 cm error (*). This allows for advanced navigation even in complex environments.
*This may vary depending on the surrounding environment.

● Path Planing
An optimal and efficient route is generated by our proprietary route generation software based on the A* algorithm. This software also supports rapid re-routing in the presence of obstacles, enabling flexible operation planning.

●Safety Controls
By utilizing four-directional cameras and distance sensors, it is possible to detect obstacles, drivable areas, and pedestrians. It also makes judgments in the height direction, making it possible to avoid collisions with transported objects and safely pass through slopes. Additionally,  the pedestrian detection behavior can be customized to support safer operation.

Furthermore, these functions have been developed as ROS2 modules, making it possible to construct advanced upper-level systems using intermediate data. This allows users to easily realize robot systems which can handle more complex scenarios and diverse applications.

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