70 million yen in loan financing has been raised

Aiming to develop omni-directional AMR and implement cooperative task processing by linking multiple units of TriOrb BASE, we raised 70 million yen in June 2023 through a co-financing by THE BANK OF FUKUOKA., LTD. and Japan Finance Corporation. This brings the total amount of seed round funding to 110 million yen. The funds will be used for R&D and personnel expenses.

Since its founding in February 2023, TriOrb has been developing a robot’s foot with industrial applications, such as accelerating the introduction of robots at manufacturing sites and implementing material handling systems at construction sites (joint research: TODA CORPORATION , from June 2023) using TriOrb BASE. Based on this funding, we will proceed with development with the aim of releasing an autonomous mobility software suite in the fall and winter of 2023 and a cooperative mobility software suite during FY2024.

Comments from Japan Finance Corporation, Kitakyushu Branch, National Life Business

Through co-financing with the Kitakyushu Sales Department of Fukuoka Bank, we executed a capital subordinated loan for countermeasures against the novel coronavirus (system name: “Special loan for capital reinforcement to support the challenge of countermeasures against the novel coronavirus”). This provided support for working capital needed for research and development and securing personnel during startup.
JFC will continue to actively support the business development and continuation of startup companies that play a role in regional growth, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises that are grappling with the coronavirus pandemic.

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