We raised 40 million yen in a seed round of financing

In the seed round conducted in April 2023, the Company raised 40 million yen by issuing J-KISS-type stock acquisition rights to Miraisouzou No.2 Investment Limited Liability Partnership, which is operated by Innovations and Future Creation Inc. (MIRAI SOUZOU), and Ryohei Takahashi, an executive officer and partner of Innovations and Future Creation Inc.(MIRAI SOUZOU), was appointed as an outside director. With this seed round funding, the company will move forward with the development of an autonomous mobility software suite and a cooperative transport and work system that will support efficient mobility.

Comments from Shuichi Ishida, the CEO of TriOrb

In 2008, we started research and development of a ball-driven omni-directional moving mechanism, which was selected by the JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) for the SCORE (Social Contribution Acceleration Program) for FY2019 and the START (Science, Technology, and Research for Advanced Technology) Program for FY2020, and on February 13, 2023, during the START period, we established our headquarters in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. We are very pleased to announce that we have raised funds with Innovations and Future Creation Inc. (MIRAI SOUZOU), a START project promoter and VC certified by Kitakyushu City, as the lead investor, and have welcomed Mr. Ryohei Takahashi, an executive officer and partner of Mirai Souzou Organization, as an outside director of the company. We look forward to your continued support.

Comments from Outside Director Ryohei Takahashi (Executive Officer/Partner, Innovations and Future Creation Inc.(MIRAI SOUZOU))

I have been discussing with President Ishida for over a year about starting a business, and I still remember the excitement I felt when I first saw the device that would become TriOrb BASE. I believe that TriOrb members with high technological capabilities and a big vision will definitely be able to solve complex problems in industry, and I would like to contribute in my small capacity as a member of TriOrb.

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