Selected for Kitakyushu City’s “Startup SDGs Innovation Trial Project (commonly known as SIT-K)”

Our company has been selected by Kitakyushu City for the Startup SDGs Innovation Trial Project (commonly known as SIT-K), a commercialization support program in which industry, academia, government and finance collaborate to support the business growth of startup companies.

This program aims to develop and market the industry’s first omni-directional AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) and cooperative control system.

Kitakyushu City is home to companies in a variety of industries, including the materials industry, the manufacturing industry centered on the processing and assembly industry, and the environment-related industry, making it possible to develop a wide range of AMRs. The labor savings realized by AMR can contribute to the sustainability of industry in Kitakyushu City, where the working-age population is decreasing.

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